Myofascial Release

   "Traditional science still clings to the erroneous view that the connective tissue is just an insulator even though it was proven wrong back in 1941; instead the fascial system is a structural three-dimensional web that holds and conducts liquid, energy, and information. Wet connective tissue is a liquid crystal acting as a semiconductor that is capable of potentially giving our patients and ourselves access to the wisdom of the universe!

   Fear, anger, hate, anxiety, alienation and hopelessness are not just feelings. Neither are love, serenity and optimism. All are physiological states that profoundly affect our health. However, as our experiences have shown us, trauma inflammation, or unresolved emotional holding patterns, dehydrates and tightens the fascial system. This loss of fluid and the resultant solidification of the ground substance of the fascial system block this important communication that eventually produces the symptoms of pain, headaches, anxiety, restriction of motion and disease.

   Myofascial Release structurally and energetically opens and rehydrates the human fascial system of liquid light for the coherent flow of frequency, vibration, information and organization necessary for the health and quality of life"

Paper written by John Barnes, founder of Myofascial Release Treatment Centers and Seminars